On This Day in Tudor History:

On September 7, 1533, Queen Anne Boleyn gave birth to a daughter, the future Queen Elizabeth I, in Greenwich Palace in the Chamber of Virgins between three and four o’clock in the afternoon (much to the disappointment of her father, King Henry VIII).

Elizabeth was born a princess, but after the fall of her mother, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth was declared illegitimate and Anne was executed. Her brother, Edward VI, also cut her out of the succession. His will was set aside, and in 1558 Elizabeth succeeded her half-sister, Queen Mary I, during whose reign she had been imprisoned for nearly a year on suspicion of supporting Protestant rebels.

Despite her father’s disappointment in her gender, Elizabeth would go on to be one of the greatest British monarchs of all time… though she would be the last Tudor on the throne because she died childless.

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About Kristian

In love with all things Tudor England. Anne Boleyn is my idol. I feel oddly attached to the people and places from Tudor history. Since I can't make a career out of it, this blog is my outlet for my Tudor passion.
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